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Police Department

Mission Statement

The mission of the Elkton Police Department is to provide the citizens who reside and work in Elkton with the safest environment possible by utilizing the core principles of community policing and working together with the citizens to improve the quality of life while still enforcing the law.

General Non-Emergency Inquiries:

Kim Shifflett

Elkton Police Department Administrative Assistant

173 W. Spotswood Ave

Elkton, VA 22827


Phone: 540-298-9441

*Call 911 during emergencies*

*For all other after hours non-emergency calls: 540-434-4436



About Our Department

Frauds and Scams

Support Our Emergency Services

Elkton Volunteer Fire Company

(540) 298-8555

Rockingham County Sheriff's Office

(540) 564-3800

Harrisonburg Police Department

(540) 434-4436

About Our Department

About Our Department

The Elkton Police Department is committed to providing professional police services to our community and citizens. We take pride in our relationships with citizens, civic groups, businesses, government and non- government organizations, and other law enforcement agencies. We are constantly striving to improve our relationships and services. The Town of Elkton police department consists of 6 full-time officers, 5 part-time officers and an administrative assistant. We also have an active Neighborhood Watch program.

Throughout the busy day our officers are out patrolling the town and responding to local emergencies. Our police department conducts coverage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Also, our administrative assistant is in the office Mon-Fri 8am until 4pm. If an officer is needed, please call our office at 540-298-9441. If no one is in the office at that time, the number will rollover to the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office and someone will assist you.

For all emergencies, please dial 911.


Elkton Chief of Police

Chief Mike King

The Chief of Police can be reached by telephone at (540) 298-9441.

Elkton Police Officers 

Sergeant Ryan Insana with K-9 Liberty

Corporal Charles Roberts with K-9 Valor

Detective Justin Kyle with K-9 Justice

Officer Alan Johnson

Officer Aaron Meek

Part Time Officers

Officer Eric Baker

Officer Hunter Elmore

Officer Laronn Wharwood

Officer Aaron Dean

Officer Lamarr Wharwood

Administrative Assistant

Kim Shifflett

Frauds and Scams

Frauds and Scams

Grandparent Scam

How it works:

Most often the grandparent receives a frantic phone call from which they are led to believe is their grandchild. A scammer, posing as their grandchild, explains that he or she has gotten into trouble and needs their help. The “grandchild” might claim he or she caused a car accident or was arrested for drug possession. With the new wave of calls, victims are also contacted by someone claiming to be a police officer or lawyer representing the grandchild in court.  The “grandchild” pleads to the grandparents to not tell his or her parents and asks that they wire hundreds to thousands of dollars for reasons including posting bail, repairing the grandchild’s car, covering lawyer’s fees or even paying hospital bills for a person the grandchild injured in a car accident.


***Do not disclose any information before you have confirmed it really is your grandchild***. If a caller says “It’s me, grandma!” don’t respond with a name but instead let the caller explain who he or she is. One easy way to confirm their identity is to ask a simple question that your grandchild would know such as what school he or she goes to or their middle name.   


Contractor Scams

How it works:

A scammer shows up at your residence claiming to have materials left over from a job down the street and he or she can pave your driveway or replace your roof for a “really low price.” 
The scammer will make no mention of a written contract or give great detail of the exact work that he will perform. 

***Do not do business without a written contract***. Be sure all guarantees, promises, and details are in writing.  Do not pay in advance and never make a final payment until all work is completed to your satisfaction. 

Sweepstakes Fraud

How it works:

You are contacted by someone who claims that you won their sweepstake or contest, and that all you have to do to receive your prize is to wire them money to cover taxes, service or shipping fees, or any number of other illegitimate excuses. They usually are very quick to want to receive your personal information and pushy. 

***Do not give any personal information until you have confirmed that it is a legitimate sweepstakes***.  Legitimate sweepstakes do not require you to pay prior to receiving your prize or winnings.  You won't have to pay taxes to anyone but the IRS. 

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