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List of Churches

Elkton is home to 12 different churches that offer worship services to community members and visitors alike. Be sure to check out their individual websites for more information on service times, special events, pastoral counseling and bible studies.

Catholic Church of The Holy Infant

Elkton Freewill Baptist Church

W Fairfax Avenue

Elkton Pentecostal Church

1674 E Summit Avenue

Elkton Presbyterian Church

104 Ashby Avenue

Elkton Seventh Day Adventist

375 Blue and Gold Drive

Elkton United Methodist Church

205 Warren Street

Kings Harbor Christian Fellowship

611 Gibbons Avenue

Elkton, VA 22827

Elk Run Evangelical Church

513 E Spotswood Avenue

Faith Alive Fellowship

800 N. Shenandoah Avenue

First Baptist Church of Elkton

20913 Blue and Gold Drive

Impact Ministries

Bible Holiness Church

127 Pine Street

Elkton, VA 22827

Pastors Brent & Teresa Gabbard

East Rock Church of the Nazarene

414 South Eastside Hwy

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